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Sticks & Stones

Therapeutic Services



  • Anxiety

  • Self-Esteem issues

  • Identity Issues

  • Depression

  • Anger and Aggression

  • Sexual Issues

  • Addiction

  • Trauma


  • Infidelity

  • Communication Problems

  • Intimacy

  • Family violence

  • Parenting through separation

  • Adjusting to Parenting

  • Loss of a child or partner


  • Parenting Issues 

  • Kid's Challenging Behaviour

  • Mental health

  • Substance abuse

  • Couple issues affecting the whole family

  • Life transitions


  • Anxiety

  • Trauma

  • Anger and Aggression

  • Dealing with family trauma

  • Social Difficulties

  • Grief and Loss

  • Family Separation

Kristina Kosmac

Hello, I'm Kristina

Like many people, you might be wondering, if what you're feeling is normal. I can assure you, as a Clinical Psychotherapist with over 30 years of experience, that it's perfectly normal.  


Life's challenges can take their toll on you. Anxiety, depression and unresolved traumas can negatively affect your physical, emotional and mental wellbeing, your general outlook on life, your relationships and day to day decisions. You can feel lost and overwhelmed. 

However, if you're considering therapy, you're hopeful that things can get better. Therapists are trained to help you identify and process your mental health concerns so you can live a life of your own choosing. 


The work I do with people leads to greater clarity, certainty, and ultimately a long lasting change for the better. Contact me today and schedule an appointment.

Kristina Kosmac 

Clinical Psychotherapist, Clinical Relationship & Family Therapist, Mental Health Social Worker, Registered Sand & Expressive Therapist

Therapy Services

If you feel like you need support, don't wait any longer. Reach out and start healing

We know life can get busy so Sticks and Stones Therapeutic Services offer Telehealth appointments too.​

Additional Services

Online Meeting

Professional clinical supervision for Mental Health Professionals, individually or for small groups or teams.


Supervision can be conducted via telehealth/online or face-to-face.

Workshops & Programs With a passion for curating Programs and workshops focussing on Mental Health including resilience, effective conflict resolution, wellbeing & anger management for small, medium and large groups. 


A Guide Comes In Handy

A therapeutic relationship can help you heal from past hurts and allow you to feel at ease, peaceful and connected.There is no time like the present to start. Are you are ready to feel better and begin your healing journey today?

You can feel connected again...

If you're considering therapy, you're likely in a great deal of pain, feeling confused, unfulfilled, stuck, hurt or disconnected.


You might be finding it harder to cope with stressful situations. Maybe your relationships haven't been as smooth recently. Or a past trauma is holding you back from living the life you want to live. 

These are the kinds of challenges we can work toward healing together. Here at Sticks and Stones Therapeutic Services I can help you with many issues including:

  • Family Violence

  • Anger & Aggression

  • Difficulties with Social Situations

  • Difficulties Communicating with Others

  • Low Self Esteem & Self Worth

  • Anxiety

  • Trauma

  • Dealing with Loss or Change

  • Grief & Family Separation


connected couple


Speak to a Relationship Specialist, today!

Happy Family
What Our Clients Say


“I was struggling within my workplace, often questioning my self and my decisions, Kristina assisted me to make sense of my situation. She assisted me to work on my thought and negative view of myself using EMDR therapy. She also assisted me to understand the reason why I was so impacted by other people’s responses, especially when my work was challenged. Kristina was easy to talk to, she has a soft quiet manner. She assisted me to uncover parts of myself that I was not aware of, supporting me through the process and providing me with strategies to recover. I would highly recommend Kristina; she has assisted me to lift a huge mental weight off myself"

-Male, 36

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