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Supervision Services

Supervision Services

Kristina offers professional clinical supervision for Mental Health Professionals both individuals and for small groups or teams. Supervision can be conducted via telehealth/online or face-to-face. Kristina provides:

  • Ongoing professional development and peer supervision requirements.

  • Endorsement as a Clinical Psychotherapist / counselling , Mental Health Social Worker or Family Therapist.

  • Registration as a Mental health Social Worker, or as a Clinical psychotherapist, family therapist or Counsellor.


  • A safe, reflective and encouraging space for supervisees to critically reflect on self, explore their therapeutic style , professional identity, identify strengths and weaknesses, and work towards specific professional goals.

  • Provide a debriefing opportunity to manage the stress and complexity of the profession and opportunity to address any transference or counter transference and offer skills building.

  • Create a space to celebrate the highlights and rewarding outcomes therapists may see within themselves professionally and their clients.


Sticks and Stones Therapeutic Supervision Services

  • Kristina has 4 years of experience providing supervision to case managers and therapists within various sectors she has completed accredited supervision training through the Bouverie center and has over 30 years of extensive therapeutic experience gained within the public, private and community sector. She is then able to draw on this knowledge and expertise to best advise and support her Supervisees. Kristina has 4 years of experience providing supervision to case managers and therapists within various sectors.

  • Prior to becoming a therapist Kristina studied her Bachelor of Youth Work and spent 14 years working in the homelessness and alternative sector as a youth worker in the eastern and western suburbs of Melbourne. She experienced firsthand the long-term effects of unresolved trauma and the impact that trauma can have on relationships resulting in homelessness.

  • Through her 14 years of work as a youth worker working with young people 12 – 21 whom have been homeless, or / and at risk or homelessness, or fallen out of the education system she is extremely passionate about providing early intervention therapy models that involve:

  • Latest evidence-based therapies that involve processing trauma

  • Working on relationships that are the essential ingredient for recovery

  • Working with family systems than can impact on recovery

  • Kristina has over 12 years of therapeutic experiences providing counselling and therapy to parents and children within:

  • Clinical Mental Health Settings, Post – Separation, Education Settings and Family Violence.

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