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Programs & Workshops

Sticks & Stones Therapeutic Services is passionate about creating and leading Program and Workshops with a focus on:

  • Work/ family life balance 

  • Team work 

  • Critical incidents ie unforeseen grief, trauma and incidents

  • Mental resilience 

  • Burnout and wellbeing 

  • Motivation 

  • Self esteem / confidence 

Workshops can be tailored to suit organisational and corporate needs.

Previous Programs and Workshops

  • Researched, developed and led an 18 month program for parents and children who have experiences of trauma in conjunction with Child Protection services, Maternal health, and the community sector including Upper Murray Family Care.

  • Facilitated and developed over 50 teamwork programs with a focus on collaboration, self- esteem, and resiliency building including Bayside City council and Outdoor Incorporated Fitzroy.

  • Delivered lectures on trauma informed practice , in conjunction with Universities and TAFES

  • Provided education and developed programs with a focus on Mental Health including resilience, effective conflict resolution, wellbeing, anger management within various settings with Parents, adults and educators. Worked with Junction support services: Frayne college and St Mary’s primary, Wyndham City Council.

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